Monday, February 8, 2010

Construction in China

While the world's tallest buildings are under construction in Shanghai and sky scrapers are popping up in all cities thoughout China, check out how a brick wall should really be built!

Who said that bricks had to be flat, alternatively stacked and cemented for strength?


Earth moving throughout the world uses trucks of varying sizes.

The first two images are of the main stay truck in every village throughout China. They look like a rotary hoe (without the hoe). Their single cylinder engine chugs along at just over jogging pace towing trailers with massive amounts of building materials from bricks to dirt.

The other little truck is another example of the style of trucks working in the villages. Again its single cylinder engine chugs away, however these ones go a little bit faster than jogging pace.

It is amazing how much they can load on the back!

Adds new meaning to the words 'big wheels keep on rolling!'

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