Friday, February 5, 2010

KFC versus MFC

China has for many years been known for knocking off brands and selling at a fraction of the genuine brand retail price. In the last couple of years several multi national brands have taken China manufacturers to court to stop their brands from being knocked off. Brands such as Starbucks who were recently successful in getting a Chinese knock off coffee house to change its logo which was a direct copy of Starbucks.

I guess KFC have not caught up with MFC yet. Like KFC they sell chicken however unlike KFC you can also order a large selection of Chinese dishes.

As MFC is a new company it is only fitting the man in white looks like a much younger version of the Colonel.

MFC Rating out of 10
Exterior cleanliness: 5
Ordering process: 2
Service: 8
Restaurant cleanliness: 6
Food: 5
Washroom: 2
Music: 2

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